Hi! I’m janet

Garden Study Ceramics is a small batch, handcrafted ceramics line of modern, functional housewares. I make each piece by hand in my studio, located on a canyon overlooking sage covered hills in coastal San Diego.

My professional journey started out much differently as a TV news reporter. For 10 years I chased wildfires, hurricanes, criminals and national headlines from city to city. I finally hung up the mic to chase around my little ones, and needed a quiet place to redirect my creative energy.

Late 2018, I found myself elbow-deep in clay at a community pottery studio. A few months later, I was selling my pieces. It’s been a dream spending my days doing what I love.

Inspired by natural beauty that surrounds where I live (wildflower canyons, quiet coves, rolling tides, and bright sunny days), Garden Study is botanically inspired, made by the sea.


wildflowers in every box

Part of my commitment to sustainable pottery also includes eco-friendly packaging.

  • Cellophane bags are made with plant cellulose

  • Inks + Prints are soy based

  • Boxes are made from recycled materials

And my favorite part:

  • Each thank you note included in every shipment is embedded with wildflower seeds you can plant + grow for your own Garden Study!